Domlaung potato chip or crisp is a thin slice of potato that has been deep fried or baked until crunchy. Potato chips are commonly served as a snack, side dish, or appetizer.

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Domlong BBQ - Potato Chips

Domlaung (ដំទ្បូង)-Potato Chips with BBQ Taste

Product Type: Potato Chips
Brand Name: Domlaung 
Product Name: Domlaung (ដំទ្បូង)-Potato Chips
Place of Origin: Cambodia
Type: Snack with original potato, good quality and great taste
Feature: Normal
Packing: Both local market and export standard packing
Processing Type: Automatic production machine

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Domlaung (ដំទ្បូង)-Potato Chips with PIZZA Taste

ដំទ្បូង Potato chip product, Domlaung, is the product of Cambodia and is also an innovative organization which always finds the best for human being, environment and society. We always look for the best available commodities and the most sustainable production methods. We work with regular growers as many as possible. For our growers, quality and sustainability are important principles. Again and again, they look for a balance between a good harvest and the least possible environmental impact.

In view of our sustainability our potatoes are fully processed. The potato skins are processed into animal feed. In addition, the ground, which is released during the washing of the potatoes and analysed, is reused for agricultural land in the area. Also our biological waste water treatment ensures that the methane gas that is released in the purification of the contaminated water is used for, among other things, the water heating and steam generation.

Our production process is not only sustainable  but also up-to-date and efficient, which guarantees consistently high quality and freshness for our customers.
With innovation as a key driver we develop and produce a wide range of natural, fresh and (especially!) tasty products that surpass the culinary expectations of consumers and positively surprise our customers.

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